Pac-Man Earrings





Introduction: Pac-Man Earrings

Do you love Pac-Man? Ever wish you could control him 24/7? Well now you can! These hip Pac-Man earring allow you to live the arcade game, but watch out you may find yourself being chased by enemies!!

Step 1: Collect Supplies

1- 5/8 fabric button kit
2- ear ring studs
4x4 inch piece yellow scrap fabric
Black sharpie
Hot Glue or Super Glue

Step 2: Cut Fabric

Open button kit and use the included pattern to cute two yellow circles out of your fabric.

Step 3: Remove Hooks

Remove button hooks with pliers.

Step 4: Cover Buttons With Fabric

Follow instructions on fabric button kit and these pictures to cover buttons with yellow fabric.

Step 5: Make Face

Draw Pac-Man mouth and eye with sharpie.

Step 6: Glue Earring Studs

Glue Pac-Man face to earring studs.

Step 7: All Done!

Sport your new earrings, who wouldn't be jealous of these bad boys!



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    14 Discussions

    Very creative! I Never would have thought to use button covers for earrings. I like how simple they are too! I'm all about simple! :)

    1 reply

    I like this. Photographing earrings while being worn is much more difficult then it sounds. Looks great.

    1 reply