Pac-Man Stop Motion


Introduction: Pac-Man Stop Motion

This Project will show you how to make an amazing stop motion of the game pac-man(I made this with Ronnies123 follow him). Stop motion is a way of animating videos in which you take many photos that turns into a movie (If you still don't understand you can watch my video that I put into this Instructable). This project is easy, fun, and all you need is a phone, paper, cardboard paper, and tape.

Good Luck!!!

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Step 1: Making Pac-Man and His Ghosts

To make Pac-Man you must make four of him one with the mouth open and one with the mouth closed. For the animation when Pac-Man dies you must make a half Pac-Man and a quarter Pac-Man. Also you can make a few ghosts to chase after Pac-Man during your game.

Step 2: Making the Course

To make the course you must take two pieces of black construction paper and tape them together. Then you cut out strips of white paper and devise the maze in your Pac-Man level. Lastly, You must take small circles of white paper (you can find them inside whole punchers), and put them on the maze (Caution: these can be messy).

Step 3: Making Your Stop Motion

To make your stop motion download a stop motion app (there are many of them in the app store) and then follow the instructions on the app to take pictures. Whenever you take a picture make a small movement in your board so that all of the pictures will seem like a smooth animation, smaller movements and more pictures will produce a smoother video. (Tip: try to keep your hand steady when taking the pictures).

Step 4: You Did It!!!

Great Job your finished I hope you enjoyed making this project, follow me if you would like to see more projects like this.




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    awesome! the movie is a little shaky though... i suggest you use a camera holder, or if you're using a phone, something to hold it up.