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Introduction: Pac-man Bottle Opener

I saw a bottle opener like this somewhere and decided to make my own. Notice pac man has two teeth, those are there because bottle caps are much harder then ghost.

Step 1: What I Used

As far as tools go its rather meager. you can get by with less then I used certainly, just depends on how much elbow grease you want to use.

Jigsaw-make sure its a very robust jig saw that can handle cutting metal.
A round object to trace around- I used an old funnel
Trusty old brace-this thing never needs new batteries
1/8" twist bit
safety glasses- most important tool I use.
Metal cutting jigsaw blades- I used some from Bosch that I highly recommend 
paint marker- these are much better then soap stone for marking steel as the paint doesnt wipe off.
scrap steel- this is 3/16 hot rolled plate, I think

Step 2: Lay Out Your Pacman

I supended the funnel and traced around it with my paint marker. I used a corner so I could have an easier time of cutting out the shape and by doing so it gave me a flat reference point to start pacmans mouth. Pac-mans mouth is little more then a wedge easily drawn in and his eye is a dot. So I added the mouth and eye, but in the mouth I left 2 teeth to help open the bottle better. I center punched the eye so my drill bit wouldnt wonder.

Step 3: Drill the Eye, Sounds Painful

I drilled out the center punched area with a 1/8th drill bit then widened the hole with a unibit. Unibits are great because they will stay n the same spot without widening the hole off your original mark. Be sure to run the bit on the opposite side to remove any left over burr.

Step 4: Fire Up the Jig Saw

A torch may have been faster to cut out this shape but as far as for clean up the jig saw was the best. Very very little clean up from cutting with the jigsaw. I cut the mouth out first because I thought it would be very difficult to cut that part out later. Besides the longer piece of steel is easier to clamp down.

Step 5: Clean Up the Rust and Saw Marks.

Vise grips are your fingers friends. I clamped the steel pac-man in a pair of vise grips and then proceeded to sand the rust and saw marks off of the metal with a belt sander. Be careful the metal gets hot and watch out for burrs. Little metal slivers are easiest to find by the pain they cause in your thumb, be very careful. You arent trying to make the metal shiney just knock off the loose stuff.

Step 6: Paint, Paint, Paint All Day Long Paint Paint Paint Till the Break of Dawn

I forgot to take other picture while I was painting this but you get the idea. After all it basically watching paint dry. I put 2 coats of primer, enough to cover everything in a uniform coat, all edges and the same of the yellow paint. I allowed about an hour between coats.

Step 7: Test Run

After the paint had dried all the way, give it a go. All I had in the house with a bottle cap was a bottle of berry weiss from Leinenkugel which as I found out after the fact is a twist cap. That didn't stop Pac-man though. The teeth were defiantly needed to allow the bottle opener to work.

Step 8:

Hope yall enjoy and thanks.

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    7 Discussions


    This is awesome! I love Pac-man and I've bee looking for a good beer bottle opener! Great instructable!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You can get Leinie's Berrywiss all the way in San Antonio? That's a good beer.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Only in the last two years and its only been the berry weiss and honey weiss. I had the opportunity to tour the brewery several years ago and was amazed to see all of the different types of adult beverages they make. Hopefully soon some of the seasonal stuff will make its way south as well.