PacMan Rings




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For this project, you will need :
- a glue gun or any strongish glue
- a sharpie or pen
- a pencil
- old rings
- scissors
- while nail polish or liquid white out
- a bit of red, blue, pink or orange paper (for the ghosts)
- a bit of yellow paper (for pac man)

Step 1: Step #1

first, cut off whatever is on your ring (im using these cheap little hello kitty rings ive had since i was like 5).

do this 4 times (for 3 ghosts and 1 pacman)

Step 2: Step #2

Now make PacMan
Simply draw a circle then a little mouth and cut 

Step 3: Step #3

cut out the ghosts, all three

use google images to see what they look like

Step 4: Step #4

now use the nail polish or white out to make eyes on the ghosts

let dry, then use the sharpie to make dots for the pupils

Step 5: Step #5

glue "everyone" onto the rings

Step 6: Step #6

You're done !!



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    6 years ago on Step 6

    Nice instructable, nice quick and simple.

    A suggestion to go a step further, you could use yellow and blue Fimo to make more substantial pacman models for the rings (or earrings).