Pacific Rim Gypsy Danger White Pilot Suit

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Ever since I saw Pacific rim, I wanted to create my very own drive suit. So I did some searching and unfortunately couldn't find any pattern that i could use. So i just went freehand like one of the users in therpf site. I found that it was a lot fun working without patterns as it allowed me to make changes on the design based on my physical structure.

The rubber sheets are 12"x12" in size. For this chest and back piece, I have used about 7&1/2 pieces.

For the connections on the lower left of the chest, they are just a bunch of washers from old hdd and a cap from an old perfume bottle.

The tricky part is drawing the pattern. As said, I just laid out several photos from google images and tried to get it as close as possible.

Step 1: Paint and Details

Spray painting rubber sheets as some already know is frustrating since it is so porous that it doesn't become glossy. So what I did was coat the whole thing with Elmers glue let it dry and then spray painted the whole thing white. Made some leaks marks with water color and then spray painted with clear coat. For detail purposes, a friend gave me some bolt and washers. Made some holes andJust stick it on using instant glue.

Step 2: Damaged Chest Plate

I wanted to make a heavily battle damaged suit like the ones you see in google images when you search for pacific rim suit. So I picked a location and set it on fire literally. I would put the flame out if it achieved the look I wanted. For the insides I just used an old keyboard flex circuit and some old mesh screen with hexagonal pattern.

Also made some passes using black water color the around the bolts and on the chest area to make look like scuff marks.

Step 3: Break the Helmet

Pep files for the helmet is in here :

In keeping with the damaged effect. the helmet visor also received breakage on one side. I made the visor from foam since finding a clear plastic would be difficult.



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    maestro of her own

    7 months ago

    For future reference, you can use plastic binder separators if you need a sheet of plastic. They're cheap and come in bulk. Hope this is useful!


    3 years ago

    With what you make all the suit? Some pep? Or just by hand?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    The material is EVA foam (the cheapest you could find) :) Unfortunately I have no pep files for the chest armor / suit I just googled images of the suit and copied it as close as possible. The helmet pep is linked above. You could probably dig in the RPF site for the whole suit pep files. Thank you for viewing. :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks, i will research in thr rpf. Thanks again