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Introduction: PackMan Necklace

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In this instructable I will be teaching you how to make a PackMan Necklace! My sister has been making these and she wanted me to make an instructable on it so she might win something. Please vote for this if you like it!

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Step 1: Getting Your Materials

You will need the following:
Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, and Pink Sculpey for the bodies.
White and Black Sculpey for the eyes.
Thin Metal Wire.
Lobster Clasps (Jewelry).
Knife (Im using a kitchen knife but a pottery knife works best).

Step 2: Making the Ghosts Bodies.

Flatten out the clay so it has about a centimeter thickness and it looks like an oval (fig 1). Take your knife and cut two triangles at the bottom of your oval and smooth out the rough edges (fig 2). Do this to your other 3 ghosts.

Step 3: I Can See You (Eyes)!

After you made the ghosts bodies, you need to make them see. To make the eyes you first have to roll a little bit of white clay (see fig 1). Make them about the same size so one eye isn't bigger than the other. After that flatten the white balls with your finger then stick them on to the ghost (fig 2). Do this with each ghost. Then do the same thing with two black pieces but make them smaller (fig 3-4). If you want them to seem to be chasing PackMan make their eyes face to the right or left.

Step 4: Get Hooked!

After you have the ghost done cut about a 2 centimeter piece of wire with you scissors. Bend the wire so it looks like a loop (fig 1-2). Insert the bottom of the lobster clasp (smaller circle) through the loop (fig 3). Lastly, insert the loop into the ghost (fig 4).

Step 5: Making PackMan!

This should be easy enough since you made 4 ghosts! First lets make the body. Roll the yellow sculpey into a ball and flatten it to about a centimeter thick. Cut a triangle out of the side and smooth out the rough edges. Thats how you make the body. Now we have to put the hangar on by repeating step 4.

Step 6: Putting PackMan/Ghosts on Necklace

You should have all the ghosts and PackMan done by now. If you haven't already put them in the oven for 4 minutes on 350 degrees Fahrenheit. To put these things on either slide them on the necklace or if you have the necklace on, open the lobster claw and put it on like that.
---------------------Cool Ideas--------------------------
You can also make the white dots by rolling a small white ball or big white ball and putting a lobster clasp on it!

You can also make letters spelling out Packman on your necklace.

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    This is awesome! However, I don't see it linked to the contest :/


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    Thank you for voting! My sister is very happy :).


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