Packing Material Quilt




Introduction: Packing Material Quilt

As just having moved away from home this year, my mother feels the need to keep in touch by sending weekly packages. The result was a surplus of cardboard boxes, packing envelopes, and plastic packing material. I used to collect cardboard boxes before I was a teenager to hopefully build hot air balloons out of. Now I use them as canvas and sketchbook material. This "quilt" is an accumulation of broken down cardboard boxes and opened envelopes that I have painted, drawn on, stained with tea, or left alone, assimilated in the shape of square. Kind of like a quilt.

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Step 1: Materials

Obtain the following:
-packing material (cardboard, plastic bubble wrap, envelopes, etc.)
-duck tape
(needle and thread if you are patient)

Step 2: Lay Out

In a spacious flat area, lay out the pieces of material face-up that you would like to be the front of the quilt, however you feel visually pleases you.

Step 3: Turn Over

Turn over all of the pieces, keeping in mind that once turned over, you would see a mirror image of the front from the back. And begin taping. First, I laid long strips vertically, connecting the separate pieces of material.

Step 4: Tape Back

Finish taping the back of the quilt by laying strips of tape horizontally.

Step 5: Flip and Tape

Flip the quilt over and repeat steps three and four by taping the pieces together first vertically and then towards the horizon. Some places may not need to be taped and you can choose what to tape and what not to tape with your own discretion.

At this time, one could also take a needle and thread and sew the pieces together, perhaps using wax covered thread and a larger sewing needle, like one for binding books. If you need something to poke a hole with, use an awl. It would also be interesting to use conductive material and LED lights to create an almost Lite Brite quilt, telling a story in its old fashioned ways.

Now try to see if it has any use.

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