Packing Tape Pins

Introduction: Packing Tape Pins

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This is a very simple that can be done in two methods. Method 1 only needs safetypins (you can use paperclips but I recommend safetypins), clear packing tape, superglue, WiFi, printer, printer paper, a device, and scissors, while method 2 needs safetypins (then again you can use paperclips but I realy recommend safetypins), paper, sharpies, pencils, clear packing tape, superglue, and scissors.

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Step 1: Choosing Your Design

Methods 1 and 2 both require a design. If you want a pony you can do a pony, so realy anything you desire can be your pin. In method 1 you go on the web and find the image you want, size it, and print. On the other hand in method 2 you simply make a sketch of the pin you want anf color it in.

Step 2: Cutting It Out

For BOTH methods you cut your image or drawing out. You can either leave a white outline on your pin, or cut it directly on the line. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Step 3: Laminating

Again for methods 1 and 2 place packing tape on the front and and back of your image. You have another choice to make. You can either leave a buble of tape surounding the image or drawing, or you can cut it directly on the lin once again.

Step 4: Adding the Safteypin or Paperclip

For the final part of this project all you need to do is super glue the safteypin or paperclip to the back of the pin. There is allways an alternative for the superglue, so you can use hot glue, but I 100% don't recomend this alternative because the hot glue comes of the tapes smooth surface after a while making this alternative not the best option.

I realy hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to make packing tape pins.

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    1 year ago

    Heyah! Nice tutorial, great idea. I've already got a number of applications for use, personally and for gifting. Thank you, and good job.

    Very cool. I am going to have make some of these with my kids.