Packing the Sound Closet at Central Vineyard

Everything fits and usually you will have a little room to spare.

Step 1: Top Shelf and Foundation

Top Shelf
  • Cord box
  • Mic boxes
  • Amp
  • Cord spools (hiding behind the drum on the left)
  • Bass drum kick pedal (also hiding behind the drum)
  • Song book box
Cymbals - Hung up on the hooks on the back wall
Free cords - Hung up on the hooks on the back wall
Tables - against the back wall behind podium
Podium - to the right
Sound cabinet - the left, handles facing to the right
High hat stand/pedal - between the right wall and the podium

Step 2: Stand Bags

There are four stand bags:
2 in front of the sound cabinet
1 against the back wall between the sound cabinet and podium
1 in front of the podium

Step 3: Mains and Monitors

There are three monitors:
Two monitors go between the podium and the cabinet
One monitor goes in front of the podium

There are two main speakers:
One main goes on the cabinet
One main lays on top of the monitors between the cabinet and the podium

This is a good time to do a fit test to make sure the door will close. 

Step 4: Drums

... drums in the deep.

Two of the smaller drums will fit under the shelf.
One will rest against the left wall on the main.
One will rest against the right wall on the amp stands.
The snare will sit across the cabinet and podium.
The bass will fit nicely in the open space resting on the snare.

This is another good time for a fit test.

Step 5: Miscellany

The drum throne, rug, music stand can be placed on top and around the bass drum or packed into crevices as needed.

Step 6: Close the Door, Walk Away

Thank the people that helped you, close the door, and go on your way.



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