Page Turner for Assistive Tech

Introduction: Page Turner for Assistive Tech

I hope you love this design! It is a page turner designed for the assistive tech competition. It is completely 3D printable and works great for people with disabilities. All you need is a real page-turning book and you are ready to begin reading! It also works as a table for those who own it.


A page turner

3D printer

PLA or other filaments.

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Step 1: Base Without Mechanism

This is the base without the mechanism necessary for a page turner to work.

Step 2: Mechanism

Once this is printed, two little pins make it possible to attach this mechanism to the base.

Step 3: Operation

Show here is the method of operation. By pushing up the lever it extends the arm until it is even with the next page. Next, simply pull it in so that it goes under the next page and then turn it. Simple as that, 3 easy steps.

Step 4: Clip

This is designed to clip onto the front cover of a book just by sliding the book under it preventing the book from moving. Very handy!

Step 5: Finish

This is great for someone who has difficulty turning pages, due to shaking hands, or another disability all that is necessary is for you to... Just grab a book, preferably a real page-turner, and start reading!

Step 6:

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