Pain Free Kebab Turner

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My family enjoys the variety that comes from grilling kebabs. So many different things can be cooked this way and it's a great way to keep the summer heat out of the house by cooking everything outside.

Unfortunately, turning the kebabs on the grill can be a painful experience. I used some grilling gloves for a while to grab each end of the skewer to flip it over, but the skewers (metal and wood) get very hot and the heat transfers through the gloves. The gloves are also pretty thick and you end up touching the food that is on the ends of the skewers. I've also tried to use tongs, but it usually resulted in failed turns, squished veggies, and dropped kebabs.

So...I made a turning assist to support one end of the skewer while I use tongs to flip the other end. I used a wire coat hanger and bent a loop in one end. I then bent a couple angles in it so it could reach under the top grill rack and still keep my bare hand away from the heat. It works great and I enjoy grilling kebabs again.

NOTE: some metal hangers have a plastic coating. Be sure to remove the coating prior to using with food.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice hack ;)

    Another thing you could try to make flipping easier is using two skewers per kebab.

    I figured it makes turning much easier - and combined with your hook loop it should be super easy ;)