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Introduction: Paint Bucket R2-D2

Hi guys I've been doing this for over 4 years and entered over 50 contest and this will be my 51 I'm hoping to win at least an instuctables prize pack. So i saw this contest and was like I need to incorporate a bucket and make shor this would kinda be a life at first I was like mabey I should do a boba felt trash can out of an ace bucket and then I thought about it that wouldn't be a life hack so I thought and thought and thought then I was like what about a watering bucket and then I was like that's not very good so I thought some more and then I was like wait mabey if I incorporate a bucket and make it something to put stuff in easy and simple and looks good so I was like let's make a robot out of a paint bucket and I was like I'll do r2-d2 and so there you have it the story of my R2-D2 holder. So this is a step by step Instructable teaching you how to make a R2-D2 storage container out of a paint bucket.

Follow the steps and you should get something like this!

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Step 1:

First gather your tools and supplies!

You will need:

Scissors, knife, flour, paint bucket, copper or some other wire, water, straws, paint(red,black,blue,grey), paper, hot glue sticks, hot glue gun, duct tape, paint brushes, permanent marker and wire cutters.

Step 2:

First get card board.

Step 3: Making R2's Legs

Next measure it about 8 1/2" x 2 3/4".

It should make a rectangle.

Step 4: Cutting the Cardboard

Cut it out with a knife.

Step 5: Taping the Edges

Next tape the edges with duct tape, so the cardboard doesn't come apart.

Step 6: R2-D2's Feet

Cut out another piece just like the one in the picture. Now fold it into a triangle shape, then tape it together.

Step 7: Atatching the Foot to the Leg

Next glue it onto R2's leg and tape over the seams.

Step 8: Repeating Steps 2-8

Repeat steps 2-8 for the other leg.

Step 9:

Step 10: Preparing the Paper Mache`

Cut out pieces of paper into 2" strips.

Paper mache` is made with flour and water mixed in a bowl it does not matter how much you put in, I use equal amounts.

Step 11: Paper Mache` the Legs

Paper mache` both legs.

Step 12: Wait, Wait, Wait!

And wait for them to dry.

Step 13: Masking Out Details

Mask out the details on the legs with tape.

Time to spray paint!

Step 14: Painting R2's Legs

After your done with step 12#, spray paint both legs white.

Tear off the detail's masking.

Step 15: Painting the Details

Paint the details (the triangle and circle) blue.

Step 16: Wiring Up Our Droids Legs

Poke two holes in the bottom of each foot, and thrust the the copper wire through them.

Step 17: Making the Head

Now for the head.

First take a piece of card board and cut out approximately 2"x8" strips.

Lay them over a bowl like this.

Next hot glue them together in the top center.

Tape the bottom ends together, and remove from the bowl.

Step 18: Paper Mache` the Head

Place it over a paint bucket lid, and paper mache.

Wait for the paper mache` to dry.

Step 19: Gluing the Head to the Top of the Paint Bucket Lid

After it is dry cut off any ruff edges, and hot glue in place to the paint bucket lid.


For extra storage you can cut a hole on the side of the head.

Step 20: Painting the Head

spray paint the head white.

Step 21: Draw Details

Next draw out R2-D2's details on his head, and paint them with acrylic paint.

Step 22: Making His Camera/Eye

Cut a straw into 4# 1" pieces and tape them together like so!

Cont. in the next step.

Step 23: Attatching the Camera to R2's Head

Hot glue the camera/eye onto the head.

Step 24: Adding More Details

Cut out a rectangular piece of clear plastic.

Step 25:

Put the piece of clear plastic over the black rectangle painted on his head.

Step 26: Time to Build the Body!

The next step is the body, so go grab your paint can!

Step 27: Cleaning Up the Paint Can

Remove the paint bucket handle.

Wash the inside of the paint bucket with water.

Then remove the label from the paint can.

Step 28: Painting the Body

Spray paint the body white.

After the paint is dry draw out the details on the body, and paint them with acrylic paint.

After you have painted the details, outline them with a permanent marker.

Step 29: Gluing on the Legs!

Glue the legs to the side of the paint bucket.

And now your done! Go fill up R2-D2 with whatever you want!

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