Paint Can Pinhole Camera

Introduction: Paint Can Pinhole Camera

        Hi, In this Instructable  you will learn how to make a simple to use camera called a Pinhole Camera. A Pinhole Camera is a box or a can in this case where it has a little hole on the front.  You cover the hole up with electrical tape and put some photo paper in the camera. Then, you go where where you want to take your picture and pull of the tape off, wait for 5 to 10 seconds and develop your paper and then you have your picture. 

        This is my first Instructable, so please leave me some feedback.  Thanks

            -Power Drill
            -Photo Paper(not the kind you put in your printer) Get some here:
           -Paint Can
            -Ruler or Tape measure
            -Painters and Electrical Tape
            - Really thin drillbit
            - Darkroom

Step 1: Draw You Lines

      Use a straight edge to draw a line vertically down your can. Then measure 4 to 5 inches horizontally. Mark it. Then draw another vertical line.

Step 2: Drill Your Hole

       Now you drill your pinhole with your very thin drill bit in between the two lines you just drew. Now you are going to make a T-shaped figure out of electrical and painter's tape. The T will go to your first line to your second. The electrical tape will make the top of the T. The middle line of the T is made of both electrical and painters's tape. Painter's tape on the outside and electrical tape on the inside. Make sure you cover up the pinhole with the electrical tape. Remember the first line that you drew? Put your top of your T there.

Step 3: Load Your Paper

DO THIS STEP IN YOUR DARKROOM!!!!!! Doing this in open light exposes and ruines the paper. Take your cap off. Then put your paper in directly across from the pinhole. Remember, always put the paper shiny side facing the pinhole. Put you cap on tight. But not too tight. Keep your cap on until you have taken you picture and reentered the darkroom. 

Step 4: Take Pictures

       To expose your paper or take a picture you pull your tape back for about 5 to 10 seconds. Then develop your picture.

Step 5: Enjoy!

     I hope you enjoy your Paint Can Pinhole camera!  Dont Forget to vote for me in The Photography Contest here:     I also added some of my own pinhole camera pictures so you could see what they look like. Thanks!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good instructable, thanks for sharing.

    Maybe you could make the hole smaller, this will increase the exposure time, but will improve the image resolution.