Paint Egg Tees




About: I am studying.learner,creative,artist.and I am very lazy to say about me.

NOTE: May be my images look not good because I have no camera I am using my Nokia E5. But you can understand my idea is enough for me.

I am a pure vegetarian so I can't eat egg also can't touch egg .so I decided to paint egg.Hope you like My idea.

Step 1: You Need

  • plain tees
  • paint brush
  • paper
  • pen
  • cutter
  • yellow fabric colour
  • white fabric colour

Step 2: Create It

Take a blank paper,draw a small circle.and draw egg,

Now cut the egg like shown in image.

put paper on the tees at center.

paint circle with yellow colour and paint border with white colour ,give it final touch.and its done.

First I draw only one egg but its not look good so I paint two more egg.

Did you like my idea?? comment me.I am very lazy for extra creativity so I am ok with it.



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