Paint Using Faux Technique

Introduction: Paint Using Faux Technique

The faux technique was applied to a wall prepared with a thick texture of joint compound using a variation of the knock down trowel method above the chair rail. 2 shades of brown were used. A rich medium brown and a sandy shade of tan were chosen.

Step 1: Apply a Light Sandy Shade of Brown Paint to a Rough Texture.

Apply joint compound to the wall using a trowel. I used a rough, thick and chunky variation of knock down trowel. Let the compound dry for 2 days then paint the textured wall using the sandy brown shade of paint. I used a soft thick brush to get into the texture well. I let the paint dry for one day.

Step 2: Dry Brush the Medium Brown Shade of Paint.

Using the medium brown shade, dip just the tip of the brush into the paint. Remove most of paint on edge of paint cup or newspaper. With a light touch crisscross long brush strokes allowing the shade to darken only the protruding portions of texture. Allow this to dry for 1 day before adding decorative touches.

Step 3:

Apply 2 coats of the medium brown to the molding and chair rail. I did not texture this area. Do not allow the paint to dry. Using a patting motion right away to apply the sandy brown shade. I made a pattern in my paint that reminded me of stone. When the paint's look suits your desire allow this to dry for 1 day.

Step 4: Dry Brush the Door.

Use the medium brown brush and the dry brush method mentioned earlier. Use a light touch to create dark wood grain look. Allow the door to dry for 1 day.

Step 5: Use Solid Shades for Contrast.

Paint solid shades to provide contrast on molding, mirror frame, and cabinent. Allow this to dry for one day.

Step 6: Your Done. Add Your Favorite Decor. Congrats Your Remodeling Job Is Finished!

Any 2 or more shades of paint could be used for this paint project. I suggest a medium and light shade from the same paint color group a light and dark shade of one color. But experiment and enjoy. You may find you like different colors mixed. That is the joy of painting. Have fun!

Step 7: Materials

I would love to see your project. Enjoy!

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