Paint Your Drum Kit With Rustoleum Brand Spray Paint




Introduction: Paint Your Drum Kit With Rustoleum Brand Spray Paint

Give your old dirty mix-matched drum kit a new look with a few cans of spray paint.

Step 1: 1. Get Your Drums

The drum kit I have was black and brown and a couple different brands. It looked like it matched but was not nice to look at and dirty as hell.

Step 2: 2. Take It Apart

Take all the rims , hardware, and heads off the drums. Unscrew all hardware and keep the accompanying screws in labeled bags, envelopes, etc. so nothing is lost.

Step 3: 3. Clean It Up

Strip all drums of their hardware and clean as much as possible with soap, water and a rag or sponge.This is a naked cleaned bass drum.

Step 4: 4. Prime the Hardware

I took all of the hardware from the rack from the hi tom and screwed each piece onto a piece of cardboard and taped off all the holes where the lugs would enter so no primer and paint could enter these areas. I used one piece of cardboard for each drum because I did them at different times.
Prime away!

Step 5: 5. Start Painting

After priming paint with your desired color. This is Sunshine Red.

Step 6: 6. More Painting

You will prime and paint the rims in the same fashion of course but will not need to screw them to any surface since you are painting the entire object.

Step 7: 7. Tom Time

The toms have a plastic shell on them so I purchased Rustoleum plastic spray paint in Safety Green. These will not need to be primed before painting. I taped the inside where the holes for the hardware go through so no paint would go inside the drum.

Step 8: 8. Clear Coat

Before screwing everything together I hit everything with quit a few hits of clear coat to prevent some scratches. Doesn't make it impenetrable, but helps for the little things.

Step 9: 9. Re-assemble

Screw everything back together. White drum heads are always the nicest and classiest.

Step 10: 10. Rock & Roll


Step 11:



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    If the pitting of rust is too bad to paint; use an 800-1200 grit sandpaper to smooth the hardware. Not only looks better but the paint will adhere much better also.
    Good Luck Skinners!


    3 years ago

    What exact clear coating do i have to use....Do i have to get the same exact clear coating color or its jusy the same one as any other color ?? Please answe back asap trying to start my project now

    Would it work on a steel shell?

    how has it held up? do u get many chips? did you prime the hoops before spraying them?

    so you don't have to take off your wraps before you paint??

    should you put a extra coat ? so it wont come off

     Just my 2 cents, but you probably could've polyurethaned  the drums to protect them a little better. But the set looks awesome the way it is.

    Awesome. Did the paint ever end up chipping of the rims?

    Very helpful, inspired me to paint my own drum set. I tore off the plastic shell, though, and painted directly onto the wood.

    my next drum set is going to be any used one that sounds good. cuz now i can make it awesome and classy...

    no, the instructable just looked cool. BUT, we might buy the set from them if they decide they don't want it.