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Introduction: Paint Bucket Seats

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Does it look like a paint bucket? You got to accept, yes it is.

These can be used as chairs and you can have extra storage space. You can have them stacked in a corner when not in use and Take them out when your friends come over.

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Step 1: You’ll Need

a 25- 30 kg paint bucket or a joint compound bucket like mine. Make sure it is strong enough to hold someone.

You will need fabric, anything would do, an old dress, an old bed spread, old curtain. It should be enough to cover the sides of the bucket and to cushion the seat.

Hot glue, I’m not using any heavy duty staplers or nails. I’ve shown nails in the pic, I thought I might need it. Hot glue was holding it well. So I didn’t use nails.

Anyone can get their hands on a hot glue gun; this I’able can be easily done with only few things.

And you will need filling for the cushion, I’m using polyfill/Polyester Fiber here. You can use sponge or store bought stuffing.

Step 2: Clean

Clean the bucket using a dusting brush or wash with soap and water and let dry completely.

Step 3: Fabric:

Measure and cut the fabric to the height of the bucket. Make sure you leave the edge where the lid will fit to.

Step 4: Glue and Cover:

Make a fold in the edge of the fabric, like shown in the pic and hot glue in place only the edge. *Refer the picture* you got to leave the fold side so that when we finish gluing all around we can hide the other rough edge under this fold.

Go around gluing making pleats. When you come to the starting point, cut the excess fabric and glue the first fold over the ending.

That’s done!!!!!

Step 5: Cushion:

Place the lid over the fabric and cut a circle 1 ½” or 2”bigger than the lid.

I decided to paint the sides of the lid in red. Since we will be cushioning only the top of the lid the sides will be visible.

Fold around ¾” and glue to the top of the lid.

When you are done half, fill the stuffing evenly.

Glue the rest of the fabric and fill stuffing along.

After you finish gluing, make sure to check and glue the places you have missed.

Step 6: Done

Close the bucket with the lid.

No one will ever guess that it is a bucket :P and no one will know your secret storage cabin.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Great way to add a little storage.. and some seating!