Paint Your Work Table

Introduction: Paint Your Work Table


Before we get started, I want to inform you that my native language isn't English, so sorry for some missplled words.

So, you have an old working table that's been through a lot and the paint has worn off?

Go buy a new one!

The end.

Just kidding, the reason you are here is because you want to do something with it, and the reason I'm here is to show you how to do it.

Things to think about:

1.What color to choose?

2.Do you want to see wood texture or not?

3.Where to paint it?

4.Can I do it?


1. Choose the color that goes best with your interior ( I wouldn't choose white because it gets dirty easily).

2.If you want to see the texture of wood, you need stain paint. If you use varnish paint, your tablet will be smooth but without wood texture.

3. Don't do it inside, do it outside because of wood particles and the odor of paint.

4.Of course you can :)

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Step 1: Requirements and Sanding

For this project you will need:

1. Sandpaper for wood ( smooth and grain type)

2.A bottle of paint, around half a litre (depends of the size of your table)


4.plastic wrap

5.FM radio or mp3 player

6.Paint brush

7.OPTIONAL sandpaper machine

So let's begin:

Carefully remove your table from your room, don't damage the walls. Put it outside on plastic wrap(so that the dust doesn't go everywhere).Turn on your radio and start polishing the table, it will be a long day.

Use the less smoother sandpapar first for removing the old paint from table.

After a couple of hours you will get tired of it, so make it a "Family project" and force your familiy members to help you.

Try to remove all old paint, because if you don't, the new one may not stick well.

After you're done, use the smooth sandpaper and polish the table until it's smooth as silk.

Step 2: First Paint

Warning: before you paint, make sure you do it in the place where nothing will fell onto your fresh paint (such as parts of tree).

I suggest you paint little things first, and let them dry, just to see how the paint will react with your wood.

After you make sure all is okey, go on and paint the rest of the table. Make sure not to put too much paint in first painting attempt, let the paint dry for couple of hours and then put another layer of paint on it. By the manifacture of the paint, that should be enough, but I put 4 layers, just to make sure it won't get damaged easily. After all, it's the thing you use every day, and you want it to last a long time.

Put 3. layer of paint, make sure you cover all parts of the table.

Give it a 24hour windows to dry.

Step 3: Finishing Touches and the Final Product

Put 4.layer of paint on the top part of table, the part where your hands usually rest, because that's the part that will get most impact over the time.

Leave it 24-48 hours to dry before using it.

Little things like this table door handles can be painted in different color just to make it visually more attractive.

That's the end of this simple turtorial, I hope it will help somebody.

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