Paintball Landmine Pins

Introduction: Paintball Landmine Pins

Whether its for a grenade or a landmine for paintball or airsoft, pins are an essential part of the stabilization of the finished product. These pins are super simple and very durable. All you'll need is a wire coat hanger (one hanger makes 4-8 pins depending on length), wire cutters or snips, a vice grip, measuring tape, a file, and pliers.

Step 1: Cutting

Cut the coat hanger's straight sections. (You can try straightening out the bends but the straight pieces are just easier). You should end up two sections approximately 7" long and one section approximately 14". (If it's over 14" just cut to size). Cut the 14" section in half to give yourself four 7" sections. Cut those in half for eight 3.5" sections.

Step 2: Bending

Using the pliers, bend one end of your pin around the head of the pliers. This should give you a straight edge and a rounded edge. Repeat for all sections.

Step 3: Filing and Straightening

Chances are while you were bending the pin "head", it might have gone crooked. Use the vice grip to straighten this out and make the "head" closer to the "body". While the "head" is in the vice grip, take your file and file down the tip of the pin to get a rounded, NOT SHARP, tip.

Step 4: Using the Pins

You're done! It's that simple! Now you have pins to use in landmines, trip wires, and grenades! Have fun with them and always use responsibly!

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