Paintball Pranks

Introduction: Paintball Pranks

In this instructable I will show you a few ways that you can prank someone with a few paintballs!!!:):) If you liked any of these paintball pranks please Vote!!! Thx

Step 1: Shoe Prank

Place at least one paintball in someone's shoes. You can put the paintball at the front of the shoe where the toes are so that they won't see them!!! Funny to watch.

Step 2: Chair Prank

Place a bunch of paintballs on the seat of a chair!! You can even place a blanket over them so that your prank victim won't see them!!!

Step 3: Step 3

Put some paintballs in someone's pillow case!!! Wait till someone goes to bed, man will they have a pleasant surprise!!! :):):):)

Step 4: Step 4

And my favorite!! Put a paintball or two in the back pocket of someone's pants!!! They better not sit down!!! Hahahaha!:):):):)



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    3 Discussions

    Awesome prank

    I hate pranks that hurt people and destroy things. Nothing funny.