Paintball Sniping




The goal of this instructable is to teach you how to become a paintball sniper

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Step 1: Getting a Gun

To play paintball you have to have at least a gun, or in some cases, a rocket launcher.

I trust all readers will follow safty guidelines set by the owners of your local field.

You can use any gun to snipe, some just work better than others.

-Pump guns, like the WGP Sniper, are more accurate than semi-autos, but are hard to find and can get pricey

-Semi's, like a Model 98, are usually fairly accurate, they are easier to find and often cheaper, but not as accurate.

Step 2: Barrles Galore

The barrel that comes with your gun, or stock barrel, is sometimes not as good as an aftermarket one.

For pumps, Anything is okay, but a long, ported barrel will work well. Good companies are Smart Parts and Stiffi.

Semis need a litle more help with accuracy. For them I would reccommend a multi bore insert barrel. They cost more, but can br realy helpful. Good companies are Smart Parts and Redz.

If you have a gun made by Tippmann, nothing will work better than a flatline. The flatline is honed so that it will give you super longball shots at high accuracy.

Th reason you want a barrel with ports is that the holes will bleed of air, quieting the shot. Most of the noise you hear is from the shot exiting the barrel, not the bolt moving

Step 3: Doing It for Real

The easiest way to start being a sniper is to practice. Hit the target range and test your accuracy at different ranges.

-Keep steady and hold your breath until after you shoot
- Invest n camo or ghillie, to better hide you from the people you are trying to kil
-some experiencied players will be happy to teach the younger generation the lost art of sniping
- always push yourself, if you can't hit something, keep trying until you do
-If your shot start dropping, it culd yiur air is getting low

Step 4: Other Stuff

Some accesories that could realy help
-laser scope
-gun cleaning kit
-field map
-extra tank

-Note about scopes: a paintball is not like a bullet. The fluid inside can move, changing the trajectory of the ball. Mag scopes, for that reason, are not that great. I would recomend a scope that throws a laser dot on the target. Be careful though. Some expierenced players can tell when a dot is on them, and will move accordingly.

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    10 years ago on Step 1

    pump actions are not more accurate it is just the fact that since yur hand is up at the barrel it doesn't move around so if u just get a semi-auto or even a full-auto if you get a bi/tri pod it will be just as accurate and be faster wut i do instead of buying that stuff is find a good place on a small hill w/bushes in front of me and stuff so i can be more hiden and put the barrel on sumthin. (log, stump,ect) i am making an instructable w/more info on good pb stuff like this check it out. k

    3 replies

    No, all markers are just as accurate, it is the paint quality and barrel cleanliness.

    The only marker, "More accurate" than any other is a first strike equipped marker.
    And that is only the paint.

    Well actually there is a big difference in how Pumps work vs how Semi's work which makes for a massive difference in accuracy.

    In a Semi, the ball is dropped into the breech from the hopper and it sits there, the Bolt is in the Open position, held by a spring (your general Woodsball markers) and the ball is resting against a ball detent to prevent it from rolling down the barrel. When the trigger is pulled, the sear releases the hammer which is forced forward by a spring, it is linked with the bolt in front. It hits the valve, opening it to let the air or gas explode out, and the bolt hits the paintball, slamming into it and pushing it past the detent and into the barrel followed shortly by the expanding gas that propels it down the barrel and the shot is made.

    This causes a complete change in inertia on the paintball and the gel / liquid inside by first being hit violently by the bolt (that's why tournament grade paint tends to breaks in a Woodsball marker) and following that the gas hits it. Many different forces enact upon the ball, making it slightly more unstable.

    Now in a Nelson design pump, the bolt is held in the closed position. Pumping it moves the bolt and hammer backwards, allowing a ball to fall into the breach. Then the bolt returns, leaving the hammer behind, sealing the gas expansion chamber. The bolt is no in the closed position, gently resting against the paintball that has been pushed into the barrel. Many older Pumps didn't even have a detent and the balls could just roll out.

    When the trigger is pulled, the sear releases the bolt, which in turn opens the valve (doesn't slam into it) and the gas expands, rushing through the mechanism and shoots out the resting paintball. No bolt hitting it, just the air / gas. It begins its journey down the barrel less violently and this results in a constant acceleration on the paintball being the the only force it experiences, instead of a spring powered bolt hitting it first followed by the air acceleration of a Semi.

    This is what makes a Pump more accurate. I've personally played with all types of markers, Open-Bolt Blowback, (Tippmanns), Open-Bolt Flex valves (Tippmann X7 Phenom and PE Etha), Poppet Valves (Etek / Ego 10), Spoolies (Dye) and a Nelson Type, Closed Bolt (Hammer 7, Empire Sniper, Armson, AirowGun)... I have tried numerous barrels, Bigshot, J&J Ceramic, Tech-T iFit, Shaft 3/4, Knightstick Carbon Fibre, etc...

    And of all the markers I can honestly say there is a major difference in accuracy between Pumps and everything else. It's just a matter of physics, less forces enacting upon a gel filled sphere results in less inertial play on the fluid inside. Bolt + Air, or just Air...


    In speedball, snipers would be found in a woodsball or scenario game, you know the ones where all the guys but you have ghillie suits and thermal scopes on their guns


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    They have but it's totally useless.
    And there are to many variable to have a true paintball sniper. ie, wind and trajectory.

    If you loving trolling peps in paintball (like me). Sniping is the job for you.
    The looks on there faces when there hit is always funny its always a wtffffffffffffffff face. Again <3 trolling=Sniping


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Haha ooooh 16" big deal. I gots a 20" and it helps a little bit all it does is look bad ass and scare the noobs.


    7 years ago on Step 4

    Paintball sniping is a myth. Yes, you can have very accurate shots. but the trajectory of the ball is so inconsistent from shot to shot, that it is simply impossible to "snipe" consistently from long ranges. On top of that most guns have about the same ranges, as long as the FPS is consistent and air is consistent. yes, the barrel length can play a role in how far the gun will shoot, but there is and "optimum" barrel length. once you pass that the ball will stay in the barrel for too long, thus decreasing range, but increasing accuracy. with that i conclude, a longer barrel will help you to a point, but simply the ranges of the guns are to similar, thus sniping is a myth.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    I just bought a jt excellerator with a 14'' barrel and was wondering if that would be a good gun for sniping????

    2 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 4

    it probably won't be a great gun for snipping because it's a speed ball gun. Paintball guns always put curves onto the ball so it's not the best accuracy. Speed ball guns are meant for close range fighting/fire fights. BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG THE JT EXL. IS A GOOD MARKER. Some times I wish I could buy one but don't have the money for one. Good buy. Have fun shooting it (and people)

    Sorry, but the JT EXL would not be a good marker for sniping. Unless you could get a first strike mod. The only way you can get the publics version of sniping is to use first strike rounds. Its true.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Pumps are not more accurate.

    A t9.1 with first strike rounds is.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Apparently there is no snipers in paintball.
    Then can you shoot targets from concealed positions OR distances, which is the modern definition?

    The answer to this question is the same as the other.

    The answer is yes. I have done it.


    8 years ago on Step 3

    On my ROTC marksmanship team (not paintball but it would still work i guess) they said don't hold your breath but aim above your target and exhale while lowering your sight till your on the target by this time you should be done exhaling and then fire. BTW we are 2 years in a row National champions