Paintball Grenade

Introduction: Paintball Grenade

so this is a paintball grenade that I made out of a sling shot sling. Make this outside because sometimes paint will spray EVERYWHERE. this is my first instructable, so no haters in the comments!
DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any injuries from paint in vital places (eyes, mouth etc.) or property damage from paint. Make sure it is okay with the people you are playing with and the owners of the field that you are using this.

Step 1: Materials

sling shot sling
old cup or container
10ml syringe
washer (sling should fit inside)
fishing line
nail or other small metal rod (I`m using an old allen key because it looks cool)

Step 2:

take the latex tubing off of the leather pouch. cut off the ends (if they have holes) cut the tubing in half, if you think the tube is long enough to make two grenades.

Step 3:

tie a knot at one end of the tube. make sure this is really tight, so paint doesn`t leak out. try making it a double knot, just to be safe. tie some fishing line at this end, about 2 inches longer than the tubing. tie the other end to the washer. set this aside.

Step 4:

to make your paint, I took regular craft paint and mixed with water in an old cup.

Step 5:

now, take the syringe and fill it with paint. try doing this with one hand, because you will have to do this later if you don't have help at hand. stick the syringe into the open end of the tube. squeeze the paint into the tube. if the paint leaks out the end with the syringe, fold the tube over on itself and try again.

Step 6:

now refill the syringe while holding the end of the tube shut. unless you have some one with you, you have to fill the syringe with one hand. push the syringe into the tube and squeeze the paint in again. repeat this until you are satisfied with its size, but remember to leave about an inch, inch and a half of tubing at the end.

Step 7:

now here`s the tricky part... while squeezing the tube shut at the end of the paint filled section, slip the washer on. push the end of the tube through again, but not all the way. shove the pin into the loop and pull up the washer as far as possible while holding onto the tubing. now you have your own paintball grenade!!

Step 8: How to Throw

before you throw the grenade, pull the pin out and slip the washer almost to the end, not all the way. toss it at the enemy and watch it spin and splash paint everywhere!

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    It looks like a bannana


    6 years ago

    This is cool but i would make it so you hold onto the pin and throw you would get more distance and spin