Painted Construction

Introduction: Painted Construction

This artwork is made using wood, bamboo, paper, fabrics, yarns, pins, acrylic paint and ink. The various steps illustrate the techniques used, and at the end there is a video which shows the complete process.

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Step 1: The Basic Structure

The basic structure consists of four hollow squares. Each square is made from four pieces of wood (pine or similar) 70 cm × 2 cm × 2 cm, screwed together at the corners. The four squares are held together by joining plates, cut from 4 mm plywood – these are hidden in the front view of the construction but are visible in the part of the video which shows a back view.

Step 2: Adding to the Basic Structure

(1) The four squares are linked by bamboo skewers, threaded through holes drilled in the wooden frames and glued in place with PVA adhesive.

(2) The structure is covered with transparent nylon mesh (organza), which is stapled onto the wooden frames; (the staples are out of sight, at the back).

(3) The mesh is overlaid by a variety of other fabrics, which are sewn, glued or pinned on.

Step 3: Paint and Paper

The fabrics provide a surface onto which acrylic paint is applied and circles of mulberry paper are glued. The paint on the transparent nylon mesh appears to hang in the air – the holes in the mesh are small enough to support the paint surface.

Step 4: Yarns, Cut-outs and More Paint

Woollen yarns (red and pink) are stitched into the fabrics and paper cut-outs (pink) are fastened temporarily with making tape, then glued on when their arrangement has been optimized. At around the same time, more paint and ink are added.

Step 5: Finished

The video (next step) shows more of the intermediate stages.

Step 6: From Start to Finish

This video shows the complete process. The finished work The Centre Cannot Hold is 145 cm × 145 cm and hangs from a single nail at top centre. This work and many others can be seen on my web site: I hope you will be inspired to try something for yourself – not just a copy, but expressing your own creativity.

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