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Introduction: Painted Floor on Particleboard

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I have a dining room that is never used, therefore it became a "catch-all". I hated it. I ripped up the carpet and intended to make it my "gal-cave". I love to paint and do some crafting and I knew it would be perfect to move my computer to also.

After the carpet came up and OUT....I found guess what?  Particleboard....OH NO!!

Now what?  My husband suggested "tiles, the stick down kind"....not exactly what I was thinking. I wanted a painted floor, and I knew the design I wanted right smack dab in the center of the floor.  Did I mention it was a small room?  I wanted my design to be front and center, not covered with tables, etc.

My husband:  "This is not gonna work. You can't make it look right."

Me:  "What???"

Now, I am one of these artistic type people that you do not tell you can't do something because I will die trying.

OK...first I filled the gaps in the particleboard with wood filler. (Actually the guy at Lowe's thought I was nuts too.)  When it dried I sanded the wood filler down. I looked around at the floor, all the little sticky-up, splinter-type pieces and I will admit that for a brief second I had my doubts as well, but...ONWARD AND UPWARD....  I picked a Walnut stain because I wanted it dark. I knew any imperfections would hide better and after I put up my curtains that would surely help. your homework first.  I did not.  I took a paint roller and drowned the particleboard with dark walnut stain, and actually expected it to dry. I should have applied the stain then wiped it up with an old rag.....Day 4......still 5, still tacky....and I was using a big fan.  OK...gotta rethink this....

My ex used to use cat litter to dry up all the oil in his diesel shop....nooooo not gonna use my 4 cats litter.  What????   RICE.  Yep, I did.....I took 2 pounds of rice and dumped it out on the floor. Then my daughter and I proceeded to dance the day away mashing and crushing the rice into the floor.  Crazy?  I wondered.  

IT WORKED!  I vacuumed it all up and damp mopped it. Good.  then I began painting my design from free hand in the center of the floor. I used acrylic paints and it was soon dry. The polyurethane came next. I ended up putting 3 coats over the whole floor. It took about 4 days after the final coat to get dry enough to walk on. Probably took 2 days per coat. surprised myself. I love it, and I hope you will also... 



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    Beautiful floor and perseverance! I often have similar conversations with my husband. Any tips? Other than, "do it anyway"? Thanks for any suggestions.

    Holy cow what an inspiration. I'm always told "that won't work" or "i don't know if that will work" by my hubby. I think it's his excuse to stop me! Ha! I also have NASTY carpet with particle board underneath and i need an inexpensive way to cover the pb until we can get vinyl flooring down. (Home improvement projects seem to take years to get completed at my house) Thanks!!

    You did such a great job considering all the obstacles you encountered. Never give up is my motto too. This turned out fantastic.

    This is really inspiring. I really want to just clean out the inside of our shed and do this to the floor and walls. I think there's some serious potential there. Knee pads are a must ;).

    Thanks to everyone who has commented. I love my thinking about doing another....and it will be posted if I do...

    I am thinking about doing my floor in this way---I'm pretty sure it has particle board under the nasty carpet....Is your floor still holding up to traffic, wear and tear?

    I did add clear coat and forgot to mention that.....sorry, it's holding up so well with cats and traffic....I love it

    yah thought i mention it is very beutiful sprry spellcheck is domnting my computer keeps completeing sentence befoe i finsh love the raven

    You should check out this house:
    I stayed there while traveling in Chile, and the owners showed me all the cool tricks they'd done to make their house look amazing very cheaply. Your instructable reminded me of them because they scored their plywood floors in squares, then stained the squares with different wood stains- so it looks like fancy wood tiling.
    Anyway, thought you'd enjoy it.

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    WOW, HOW BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing this...sorry I'm so late getting back...I've been building a chicken coop, hutch and run......working myself silly.....


    I love this!! I have carpet that I hate. I didn't think I could paint a particleboard floor and have it turn out looking so good! Thank you for telling all fo the details. I will be trying this out as soon as possible!

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    U GO FOR IT.....My hubby thought I couldn't do it either, but...well, "guess I showed him". Thank you for the comment...I appreciate knowing my hard work(hard on your knees)is noticed...let me know how yours turns out when you decide to do it....frankie

    I LOVE this and plan to do it myself. I'm love that you were so deteremined to make it work. My mom and husband always say "You can't do that!" to which I say "Wanna make a bet?" I love proving them wrong.