Painted Leather Earrings




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Do you like leather accessories? I have seen some interesting ideas on ETSY. & I realize some of those were not even difficult to try, So I have done it..Lets see the tutorial.

You will need;



Mod Podge

Acrylic paints & brushes

Earring hooks

beads,jump ring & velvet band for necklace

Step 1: DIY Leather Earrings/Pendant

Cut the leather according to the pattern size.

Start painting on leather & wait until it will get dry totally.I paint something seems like truck art inspired

And if you want some more shine, use plaid extreme glitter & apply a thin layer.

Stitch from middle & then cut it
carefully,dont make thin cuts, if any piece will be separated from earrings, your hole project can be ruined..

Step 2:

Add the hook here,you can also pour some
glue here to fix it perfect but if you wanna convert it sometimes as a pendant,then don’t fix permanent.

Step 3:

I was trying to paint any motive like
truck art designs,but it was a tiny space for making vivid motives,so the Leaf design is better

Step 4:

Isn't it one cool idea of a feather earring? I know it's a bit bigger in ear but you can transform it into a necklace too. Give it a try & have fun!



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