Painted Satellite Dish

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Intro: Painted Satellite Dish

I paint Satellite Dish, mainly space themed, but have done some by request for just about anything.   Just started at the start of the year and really enjoying it.  Many of these dish also GLOW in the Dark, but been unable to get any decent shots with my camera. But they are something to see at night!

All done with canned paint only.

Thanks for looking : )



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    All the methods are on youtube, do a search for 'Spray Paint Art', they paint on paper / card, and I paint only on satellite dish. Running out of dish here : ) One main tip ( I discovered when doing the reddit dish last night) Don't paint in 95 deg weather. EVERYTHING sticks, and the paint never really dries. Its a lot of fun but slightly addictive.... of course that could just be the paint fumes (Joke)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful!! Can you tell a bit more about how you do it? Tips and tricks?