Painted Pebble Cacti for Deck or Patio





Introduction: Painted Pebble Cacti for Deck or Patio

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My kids brought back a whole bag of pebbles from the beach and I decided to paint these to resemble potted cacti and placed them in colourful pots. They will provide a wonderful splash of colour on the patio. The colourful pot covers were bought at my local garden centre.


Pebbles or river rocks in assorted sizes and shapes

Craft paint - primary colours and black

Bostik deco glass paint - white

Bag of deco stones

Colourful pot covers

This project is so easy you could also use this as a children's craft activity.

1. Using green as the main colour, add primary colours to make different shades of green - you don't want them all to be the same colour. Apply as many coats as required to cover the stones with paint colour.

2. Once all the stones are dry, use deco paint to apply detail. This paint is for use on glass and is quite stiff but easy to apply. On one of the pebbles I used a glue gun to apply a bit of detail, but the glue doesn't stick well to the pebbles.

3. Allow the deco paint plenty of time to dry.

4. Fill the pots with unused pebbles. This will allow you to easily stand the painted pebbles in place. Place the pebbles and fill in around the top with deco stones.

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    8 Discussions

    I have killed at least 2 cactus dish gardens. This looks so realistic I'll try it next time! I don't think even I could kill stones.

    I voted for this! Very cute! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

    These are so cute. just what im looking for for my balcony. Well done you.

    Adorable! One must be careful if there are little babies running around. These pretty painted pebbles look good enough to eat!

    Cute project. Might be a nice way to let my mom have a garden all winter!