Painting Built in Cabinets


Introduction: Painting Built in Cabinets

We have a den with gorgeous wood on the wall and a built in cabinet that I was not to keen on because it made the whole room dark. Instead of ripping them out I figured lets slap some paint on them and see what happens!

Step 1: Time to Paint!

I took all the cabinet doors off and removed the ugly old handles. I had to drill another set of holes in the doors to accommodate the new drawer pulls I bought at Hobby Lobby, somewhere between 2-3 dollars each. I took the shelves out also and sanded everything down really good. I decided to hand paint with a brush every cabinet since they all had little grooves in them around the edges, this took alot, and I mean alot of time and patience between coats but the end result was gorgeous. I chose Cancun sand to brighten up the room. At the time I wasn't that familiar with wonders of polyurethane but I will one day do a quick brush over all of it just for my own piece of mind. I am so happy with this project and the way it brightens room and outlines the fireplace that you almost couldn't see before. Thanks for letting me share!



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    I'm not familiar with the wonders of polyurethane... but I have a bunch of it from freight salvage. Can you share the "wonders"? The cabinets look great!

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    I love poly! I have used it on tables, signs basically anything wood I will poly. I also love the spray poly in a can, for example i used for my daughters birthday dinosaurs, she wanted them pink so pink it was. I spray painted them then 2 coats of poly and after a day and half of airing out I had pink dinos ready to go, no flaking or worrying about spray paint chips. Other than the time factor, some projects require extra time and patience when using poly I think it's a worthwhile investment. Hope this helps!

    It looks like your cabinets turned out great!

    Do you have any photos of the actual painting process? That would be interesting to see, along with any tips or techniques you learned while doing this. If you felt so inclined, you can always add more steps. I think people would appreciate seeing how you did this.

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    I actually didn't take pictures of the painting process, never thought I would be showing this online but I will next time! I will say I took a long time for each cabinet, making sure everything was painted with the grain of wood (someone gave me that tip once and it has stuck) Taking your time is really the most essential tips I can give, I have found the more attention to detail I pay when painting the better and a good brush makes a huge difference. Doesn't have to be super expensive but when you have bristles that easily come off or spley out it can make streaks in your paint and you don't want that. Hope this helped!

    Yes indeed, those are excellent tips.

    I hope for your next project you snap some photos along the way and decide to share it with us!