Painting Outside Storage (Frozen Troll)

Introduction: Painting Outside Storage (Frozen Troll)

This Instructable details how to paint a Popsicle Stick storage container. I painted this one to resemble a troll from Frozen for my son. Do you see the resemblance?

I craft using wood sticks. Many differently shaped storage containers can be made solely through wood sticks and glue. Check out my other Instructables to see what else you can do with wood sticks!

Supplies needed to paint outside storage:
-Wood stick storage container
-Metallic acrylic paint
-Regular acrylic paint
-Glow in the Dark Modge Podge (because regular Modge Podge just isn't cool enough for this project)

Step 1: Base Coat

Painting wood stick sculptures come with unique challenges. When you apply your base coat of paint, be very liberal. Overload your brush as the extra paint can squeeze into the small spaces between the sticks.

Since you are loading your brush so much, make sure you prep your paint area before hand! Your sculpture with drip as it dries.

Once you paint as much as you can, let it dry for 30 mins then flip it over and paint again. This will help you each angles between the sticks you weren't able to previously.

Let dry.

Step 2: Details

This is where your sculpture comes alive. Using regular acrylic paint, paint facial details on your storage container. Additionally, paint the lid to resemble hair, in this case, troll hair. Keep adding details till you are happy with the result.

Step 3: Final Coat

Once the acrylic dries, liberally apply the glow in the dark Modge Podge. Similar to when you painted the base coat, overload your brush and be prepared for a fair amount of dripping. Let dry.

Then viola! Your wood stick storage solution is completed. You can apply a final waterproofing varnish if you'd like. Hope this helps anyone else who builds with wood sticks out there.


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