Painting Striped Walls




Introduction: Painting Striped Walls

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I wanted to decorate my son's room a little better now that we've settled in our new house. I figured bright stripes in the color of his favorite ninja turtle would do the trick. Materials: 1) large level - the nice kind used by carpenters 2) colored pencil in a shade of your stripes 3) tape. not optional, no matter how pro a painter you are 4) painting supplies, paint, rollers, trays, etc. I'll assume you've painted before!

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Step 1: Tape & Prime

Make sure your walls are ready for painting. You have to be especially careful with exact lines when you place the tape. Every little mistake will be visible in the resulting stripes.

Step 2: Draw Straight Lines

Using a large level, draw straight lines down the walls.

You'll notice that I didn't take my own advice in the first step and used a dark pencil. This meant that I had to use a flexible eraser to take off some of the graphite left on the walls by the pencil.

Using a colored pencil avoids this problem.

Step 3: Tape & Paint the Rows

Put the tape up on either side of one of the colors you'll be using.

Get painting!

Step 4: Tape & Paint the Second Color

If you're doing more than one color.

Step 5: Rinse & Repeat With All Colors

We decided to use bright orange. Soon there will be ninja turtles painted over the stripes.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I painted my daughters
    room, well 1 wall with shades of pink... Since I did that, people that have seen
    pictures, say it looks like Victory Secret colors... I never meant to do it to look like VS but still it looks good...

    Just make sure you have
    enough time to do the job, I started late in the evening and thought I could
    finish but I got tired and you can see around her door - the strips start to get a little wavy...
    Looked straight when I taped it but guess I was more tired than I thought...
    haha! She never noticed but I do every time I walk out of her room... Then
    again, I may be too meticulous on my own work... ☺

    [See that last strip at the door, especially at bottom, was taping
    in my sleep – Don’t you think? LoL…]

    NIKKI's Room. OH MY!.jpg

    Colored pencil! Genius! I did this to my walls when i was in high school with silver paint. My mom was........not excited.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is easier on the eyes than when the young Roger-X decided that his favourite colour was custard yellow, and our house at the time had oak beams in the walls. The ancient oak (the house was built in 1640-something) actually looked good with custard yellow panels between, but only for five or ten minutes at a time.

    We now know thst he is significantly colour-blind.