Painting Tips for Beginners



Introduction: Painting Tips for Beginners

If you are still young or have zero experience and would like to try out a little bit of painting, this could help a bit.

What I did was, previously my house looks a little too plain with one grey colour painted.
And so mom decides to add between them some lines (darker than grey) to beautify it .

Step 1: Prepare Your Stuffs

All you need is :-

1. One pale of paint buy from store (for outside corridor use Weathershield type paint )

2. Brushes.( I used paper water color brushes only cuz its smaller)

3. One rubber band

4. Old clothes

5. Cellophane tape

6. Ladder

Step 2: Start With Opening Your Can and Put a Rubber Band Over the Tin

This is so that we can wipe off the remainders from the brush.

Reminder : Stir the paint nicely before start using it because it might contain unstirred liquid on top of the paint.

Step 3: Put Cellophane Tape at the Place You Want to Paint

put it so that you dont overpaint the part you want

Step 4: Start Painting ! Use Suitable Brush Size !

when you finish, remove the tape and see the Amazing Results!

Step 5: DONE! the Corridor Looks Brighter With Lines on It. You May Invert Any Color You Like !

If your wall is dark(such as black) you may apply bright colors onto it (white).

Now your friends and family would feel some difference on your New painted Corridors!

Thanks for viewing :D

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