Painting Tranby Mirror From Ikea

Introduction: Painting Tranby Mirror From Ikea

Another useful but boring bit of decoration, this mirror needed something to make it into more of a feature.  I seem to have a thing for warm reds and oranges so out came the glass paints and this is the result.  I have since seen that they sell a coloured version of this mirror in Ikea in blues and greens which looks nice, but I'm glad I chose the colours I did as they look great in our hallway.

Step 1 - clean the outer mosaic pieces of the mirror - I just used washing up liquid and water
Step 2 - paint the mosaic glass using standard glass paints.  I chose 4 colours and left them to dry for a couple of hours before I did the second coat (and third coat in some cases) as I wanted a rich jewel-like effect
Step 3 - dot around the edge of each mosaic square with gold outliner to create some texture
Step 4 - leave to dry for 24 hrs then hang and smile at it each time you pass.

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