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These are Genesis Heat Set Paints and all I paint with. I can teach anyone how to paint long distance with them and teach you tips and tricks of how to "see" and put that on your canvas. I have taught a man in Australia and he is now in an art gallery. The photo here shows one of my paintings in progress, but mostly wanting to show all the palettes. These paints never dry - only on the canvas when you want them to with a heat gun. They are non toxic and wonderful paints!

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Step 1:

Here is a Longhorn that I was commissioned to paint for this lady - he had died, so I put him in the clouds, or in heaven... I couldn't see his feet to paint, so made sense to me!

Step 2:

Here is the finished bull with the Genesis. So fun and you can paint anything... If you are interested in learning how to paint with these wonderful paint that won't make you sick, email me at Leslie

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    Not sure if I have any more photos of him.... Just showing the beginning and the end to show that I really did paint him and not on top of a photo and I can teach anyone to paint if they want to learn.