Painting With a Brush

Introduction: Painting With a Brush

Paint Interiors in this order..

1. Celings

2. Walls

3. Windows

4. Doors

5. Trim

Always paint on a dry surface

A. Properly loaded roller should not drip when moved and does require force against a surface when painting

Step 1: Prep the Brush

Use a brush that has water-dampened bristles.

Dip the brush into the paint to about 1/3 of the total length of the bristles.

Step 2: Dab the Brush

Dab the brush against the inside of the paint can or the paint tray to remove excess paint. Don't wipe the brush against the rim of the can as the the rim will fill with paint, making the opening and closing of the lid messy.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

Repeat Step 2 at least twice to make sure the bristles have have taken up the proper amount of paint. If the brush is properly loaded, you should be able to move the brush without too many drips.

Step 4: Apply

To apply the paint, position the brush to the painted surface vertically., using the narrow edge of the brush as a guide. Ideally , you want to use the narrow edge as you would a pencil. A brush with an angled sash works best for cut-ins.

Step 5: Slow and Steady

Apply paint in a straight line, move at a pace that would prevent paint from dripping from the brush. Use enough pressure on the surface to ensure control of your painted line. The bristles should flex slightly as you paint.

Tip: Work in strokes twelve inches or longer. Avoid stopping in the middle of stroke lengths.

Step 6: Painting Vertically

When painting vertically, work from the top to the bottom. Once the brush starts to stick or skip, stop and reload your brush.

Tip: Do not brush back into any painted surface more than a couple of minutes after applying it.

Step 7: The Hard Line

To avoid hard edges from paint lines, gently smooth our, or "feather" edges with the brush. Maintain a wet edge when painting a surface.

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