Painting a Artificial Christmas Tree Purple

Introduction: Painting a Artificial Christmas Tree Purple

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If your feeling adventurous and would like a custom Christmas Tree you won't find at Walmart than this project is for you.

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Step 1: Selecting a Tree

The first step is to select your Christmas Tree. Keep mind the better the quality the fuller the tree will be. A thick tree with different kinds of branches will give the most realistic look and texture. The down side of a thick tree is the very large amount of spray paint it will take to change the colour.

Step 2: Pre-lite or String It Yourself

The next step is to decide if you will use a pre-lite tree or add the lights after. If you choose to use lights after, unless you paint the wire you will see it against the purple tree. If you do choose to paint the wire you must mask of the lights or remove them and cover the openings. If you a choose a pre-lite than you must cover each light with masking tape. Be prepared to spend several hours if it is a quality tree.

Step 3: Painting Your Christmas Tree

The painting process is a long process of painting, drying, bending branches, drying until you cover most of the tree. The good news is you only want to paint 90% of the tree, leave some green spots to help the eye to still see a Christmas Tree. In other words, when you see the purple tree it will register as purple. Your brain can't help but to say Christmas Trees should be green and the tree will fall flat. If you leave some green throughout the tree your eye will pick it up and allow you to accept the purple colour as more natural. This is the reason the mass produced purple trees look fake, they do not "sell" themselves as a possibility. Any purple spray paint will work however, metalic paint looks great but costs much more. To give you an idea of costs this tree is 7.5 feet and took 16 cans of paint for coverage. Remember to paint in a well ventilated area and use a respirator , saftey first.

Step 4: Remove the Tape

If you used a pre-lite tree then remove the tape this also is a long process.

Step 5: Decorate and Enjoy

Just decorate your Christmas Tree and Enjoy... The purple with green looks best with gold and or black decorations but silver and red will also work...

My Christmas to you and yours


Brian Bain Designs

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