Painting a Pot to Make a Fairy House With an Indoors


Introduction: Painting a Pot to Make a Fairy House With an Indoors

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If you have a clean terracotta flower pot you can make a fairy house that has fairies or animals living inside.

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Step 1: Plan Your House With Chalk

this doesn't have to be neat. Draw the windows and doors outside and inside. Add characters inside.

Step 2: Block in Main Colours

with acrylic paint, this has to be fairly neat. If you make a bad mistake wash it off before it starts to dry and start again.

For the indoor windows, you can use light blue for sky then put white fingerprints on for clouds.

Step 3: Outline Your Colours and Add Details

with black permanent marker (or fine textured paint)

Step 4: Varnish

wipe off any remaining chalk lines then protect your house with 2 coats of yacht varnish indoors & out.

Step 5: If You Have a Bigger Pot You Can Make a More Detailed Indoors

Step 6: Don't Forget a Tag ...

... if you will be leaving them out for the kindness rocks project (

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