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Introduction: Painting of Bilbo Baggins

About: I love woodworking and making fun stuff on the lathe, I really enjoy making stuff and posting it on this website, and I love the Hobbit

I haven't done a lot of painting before. I like sketching with a pencil more. But today I wanted to paint Bilbo, from The Hobbit, in the scene where he is reading the contract the dwarves gave him to sign. I started by doing a really loose sketch of a picture of him I found online (I will post it above) and then I painted a light cream color on all the skin. Next I took darker paints and shadowed and blended them in where features of his face were darker. Next, I took white paint and painted his eyeballs and did the highlights on his nose and his cheek bones. I painted his pupils in with dark brow and black paint. I used different shades of brown for the hair and streaked it all over and made it very curly. Use the darker paint in the shadowy parts of his hair and the lightest brown for the lighter pats of his hair. I took an off white and painted his shirt and then I took a brown and green paint and did his suspenders. For the contract, I painted it a dark cream, almost a tan, and then I dry-brushed some lighter tan on it to make it look aged. for all the creases in the paper, I took a cream mixed with gray and I painted a light and thin line down the crease and then I kind of streaked and brushed the line out from there. I painted on a black background and that was it. I hope you guys like it. Leave comments and subscribe :)the painting is a pdf file below :)

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