Painting on Levi Jackets/Tinkerbell

Introduction: Painting on Levi Jackets/Tinkerbell

I wanted to give a friend something they can't buy, artistic and can be worn all at the same time. So I painted her favorite Disney character Tinkerbell on a nice "Levi" type jacket (blue jean, cotton canvas jacket). Once I identified an image I began by tracing the image onto tracing paper (could just draw it but wanted to save time and spend more time on the painting part) and then reversing image to add thin black  transfer marker lines. This done, and after preparing jacket (canvas) area with a primer coat of whitewash (watered down white acrylic fabric paint), I ironed linear image onto jacket (sorry no pics of these steps). I next proceeded to add another base coat with Fabricfun Pastel Dye Sticks by Pentel (Michael's crafts). I covered with paper and ironed  again to seal. You can stop here if you want a faded look, but this is where I add acrylic fabric paint to get my finished painted look. The previous steps help seal the "canvas" for your final paint layers. As you can see by the pics, you can paint as you would like. I went for a glow and shaded final look with violet Neuvau florishes in the background. This final phase doesn't need ironing.

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    This looks great, and it's really something you cannot buy. Great way to make personalized gifts, thanks for sharing! Will this work of art survive the washing machine?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for noticing. Yes, I have painted many of these. I use fabric paints made for this. I also advise (I often add a hand written care label) to hand wash or place inside out and wash on gentle cycle with line drying, or drying inside out as well if using drying machine (cool air setting). Most people take good care of these, being that they are one of a kind creations. :)