Painting the Brand's Logo on Your Clothes

Introduction: Painting the Brand's Logo on Your Clothes

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Well, when you are in a dire need of the custom item with the label from a well known brand (like Ferrari here), you might do the following:  Paint it on.  As it's for you and not for sale, you are not violating the copyrights: it's an art form, not a copy or a duplicate.

You'll need:
1. If you are a free-hander - just a photo/picture of what you want to pain, acrylic or fabric paint, brush, toothpick and textile medium if you want the acrylic paint to be softer and not cracking (like for the stretch fabrics).
2. If you want to use the printed copy: a freezer paper (print the image (example of Ferrari stickers here) on the matte side of the cut to fit your printer sheet or trace the image from the stickers available on ); scissors and everything mentioned in the "free-hand" section.

1. Decide which route you'd go.  I went with the free-hand version, but traced the image from the printed sheet of labels on to a freezer paper. 
2. Trace the outlines of the image onto a clothing item.
3. Start painting. 
4. Let it dry for 72 hours.
5. Wear it :)

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