Painting With Waste Pencil Shavers



Don't waste pencil shavings anymore and make beautiful drawings out of it.

Use pencil shaving to make beautiful painting.

Time : 5 mins

Level : Beginner

Materials to be need :-
1. Watse pencil shavings

2. Fevicol

3. Drawing sheet

4. Green colored pencil.

Let's get started !!

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Step 1: Getting the Pencil Shave

1. Draw a flowers and leaves on drawing sheet..

2. Sharpen pencil with sharpener and start shaving it.

Step 2: Pasting and Decorating

Step 3. Now paste them to make flowers.

Step 4. Use a green coloured pencil to make the stem and leaves.

Step 5. Now decorate it and you can make a beautiful card with it.

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