Pakman's Shatter Knex Gun!



Introduction: Pakman's Shatter Knex Gun!

the gun you've been hearing about is finaly here! Shatter! this gun is cocked in the picture, this is by far the best block trigger on the site!

Step 1: Peices

this is a first for me, but some time at 12 in the morning i said to myself why not make a knex gun that can be cocked with nothing exctruding from the gun! So within a half hour all the proper mods were attained and done!

Step 2: The Handle Grips

make two of these!

Step 3: Structure of the Gun

just start with two greys, then snap on the half moon peices to it then obiusly youll need the orange peices then, this part is finished!

next: heres were you attach the grips...

Step 4: Rubber Band Placement

well really theres no particular way to put the rubber bands, i used four, if you do it the way I did your gun will shoot through cardboard!



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    53 Discussions

    thats an allright looking gun :) for a first but u do need a true trigger i will post mine on for you ok and send you the link

    well, its an ok gun, but the bst gun on this site needs to have a true trigger, power, accuracy and maybe a new mechanism. or something new, this gun hasnt got anything special no offence

    4 replies

    well, thats better than some other comments, but it's offence i that that picture is of it cocked you can hardly nootice the block and it doesnt come out of the gun at all

    thats ok lol, we dnt hate you, we just want more origional ideas. the thing what u use to pull back the ram is a good idea. maybe make a gun with other features like it? i wud love to see something like that cus i hate pulling back the ram , and slides dnt work 4me 4 sum reason

    ummmm, ok. a few flaws

    1. I haven't heard ANYTHING about this gun
    2. this is by a long, long way NOT the best k'nex gun on the site because:
    1: block trigger
    2: no mag
    3: bolt action
    4: although it may shoot through cardboard, this can shoot through plywood!. (if that was cardboard in your video, i saw it just bounce off!)

    so please, don't 'blow your own trumpet' about your own creation, let the public decide its worth.

    disclaimer: i don't want to start a fight about this, I'm just letting you know, before you get flamed.

    3 replies

    well, i see but your nothing more than i guy who said- "just a standard block trigger..." this guy didnt have any instructables, and if you dont like this gun thats alright even if that pic is of the cocked gun, not even anything coming out of the gun,