Paleo Egg Salad "Sushi"

I'm always looking for new Paleo lunch options. Since I'm a teacher, I've had a little more time this summer to experience with Paleo options. This super-easy recipe is a great substitute for those days when you just want a good egg salad sandwich!

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Step 1: Get All Set Up!

Here's what you need to serve 2: 1 avocado, 2 hard boiled eggs (diced), 3 slices of preservative-free deli meat (I like turkey), 1 tablespoon Paleo mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon mustard

Step 2: Mash It Up!

Cut your avocado in half and remove the pit. Use a spoon to get all of the avocado do out of the shell and into a small bowl. Use a fork to mash up the avocado until it's as smooth as you like.

Step 3: Add the Egg

Next, dice up your eggs and add them to your avocado.

Step 4: Add the Condiments

Add the mayonnaise and mustard into your bowl and mix well.

Step 5: Roll It Up!

Lay out one slice of deli meat on a cutting board or clean surface. Add a couple spoonfuls of the egg/avocado mixture across the width of the deli meat. Roll your deli meat up and slice like sushi. Repeat until your egg/avocado filling is gone. Plate and enjoy!

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    yay! i think i found a new potential favorite lunch! thanks for sharing, another reason instructables is so great. i can find people who eat paleo and do awesome things.