Paleo Goddess Banana Sushi

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Intro: Paleo Goddess Banana Sushi

Enjoy this Valentine's treat with your sweetheart



1 large organic banana

2-3 T nut butter

2-3 T melted organic 73% super dark cacao chocolate (Trader Joes carries it.)

-preferred toppings such as: chopped pistachios and dried coconut

* Lay unpeeled banana flat on a plate

* Spread a layer of nut butter on the side facing up.

* Followed by a layer of melted chocolate

* Sprinkle coconut flakes for the third layer

* Then a layer of pistachio nuts

* Place banana in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes to cool chocolate

* Take out of refrigerator and slice into sushi size bites

* Separate just a tiny space in between each role

* Drizzle honey over the top of the roll

* Garnish with berriesNote: try experimenting other toppings for endless combinations of banana sushi rolls!

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