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On the 15th of April for the World Art Day, i prepared these custom palette cookies for a school activity.
So get ready to learn how to make some of your own.
Tools you'll need;
Rolling pin
Silicone mat
Ball tool (optional)
Round icing tip (optional)
Toothpick (lots of them-use seperate ones for each colour)

Prepare your favourite cookie recipe and icing.. (or simply google them)
So let's get decorating... ;D

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Step 1: Cookies

Prepare your favourite cookie recipe.
Let them bake on a tray or baking sheet and cool aside.
Couldn't find any palette shaped cutters, so i had to improvise.
Just take the desired sized circle cutter and bend it using pliers. ;D
So let's get decorating... ;D

Step 2: Icing

Prepare your favourite icing. Just be sure not to make it too runny. If your icing is too stiff -don't panic- add small amounts of water (i mean drops) while mixing your icing.
Divide your icing into little bowls(as many colours as you like) and use jel colours to colour your icing. Use the tip of a toothpick when adding colour and then add more if desired.

*Store in refrigerator when not using.

So let's get decorating... ;D

Step 3: Fondant

Rolling out fondant about max. 0.5cm's thick use the same cutter to get the palette shape cut outs.
If desired, you can use and icing tip to make little holes & a ball tip shaper to pour the icing much more easily :D

Using an edible glue (1:1 ratio sugar(or honey) to water) attach the fondant pieces onto cookies.

Step 4: Decorating

By using the tip of a toothpick, transfer the coloured icing into position and pull it out to sides, maybe add random dropd/dots.
Enjoy your artsy cookies!



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    2 years ago

    Those are epic!! perfect for a artshow!!


    3 years ago

    Cool! I'm going to try these. Thank you for posting!


    3 years ago

    These look cool!


    3 years ago

    I love them I might bake them for a sleepover once


    3 years ago

    Soooo cute! Are you willing to share any of your recipes?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks.. sure i'll update the blog today... ;D