Pallet Bar With Ice Bath




Kinda straight forward. I made this for my wedding. We had a pre- wedding party and it was a HIT! Kept the drinks cold and also housed the drink section. We had some other mixers up on the bar as well not pictured.

Step 1: Create Upright Sides

I cut two pallets in half, turned them upright and mounted them to two upright sections one was a whole section, one was a half section to give me the full length of the top pallet. I did cover some of the gaps to make it look more full on the front view.

Step 2: Create Top Portion.

I took a full pallet and cut the width down to make it only 30 inches deep or so. I then cut out one whole section out on the left for ice. I took those cut pieces and filled all gaps on the right side so it acted as a table top. Once this was done I covered all gaps under the ice section and lined it with a plastic bag using silicone and staples along the top portion. make sure to leave enough room for the weight of ice.

Step 3: Enjoy It!

If you only use this for your party and you're done with it you can always convert it like I did. I created a spice garden out of it which was easy to convert.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a great idea, and love that you turned it into a herb garden after!