Pallet Bathroom Storage - VIDEO

Introduction: Pallet Bathroom Storage - VIDEO

About: How did I become a woodworker? Actually I don't know, but I love the loud noise of power tools, clouds of floating dust, and creative freedom so much...Of course it's a hobby for me, but it gives everything ...

The bathroom is one room in your home that hardly ever has enough storage space. We show a clever storage idea which you can use a laundry basket too. You need pallets and can easily create this cheap project. Have fun! :)

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Step 1: TUTORIAL Video

Step 2: First Step to Take Apart the 4 Pallets:

Version A: help of hammer and chisel then remove all the rusty nails OR Version B: use an iron saw - faster but the rusty nails stay in the wood After that choose 8 pieces of 80cm (31,5 in) slat. Then, you need 40 pieces of 40 cm (15,7 in) and 2 pieces of 33cm (13 in) slat. You can saw the long - 120cm - slats in third and the other 80cm slats in half.

Step 3: Polishing

The next step is polishing. Cut a piece of an abrasive paper - for easiest polishing, use a small slat. And for even easier polishing use grinding machine :)

Step 4:

Join the part of the storage sides, front and top. Leave 1,5cm (0,59 in) space by the top of the sides - it's approx. the thickness of a slat and place the 8 40cm slats well-proportioned. Then hammering nails into it in order to fix them. Repeat it by the front - but here need only 5 40 cm slats and must saw the rest.

Step 5:

The top: Need 4 slats 36cm (14,17 in) distance and here use the 2 slats,
that earlier saw. If you want position handle on the top too, it looks good :) For the bottom need 5 40cm (15,7in), for the inner side need 2*40cm (15,7in) and 2*33 cm (13in).

Step 6: Painting

The next step is painting the surface of the parts with wood stain. We
chose a mahogany color, love it :) Wait till the parts dry completely (it depends on the wood stain)

Step 7: Joint

Use square brackets to the joint - 3 pieces for each corner (for the
front 2 is enough). For the inner slats also use square brackets. Almost the last step, clinch the 5 slats onto the bottom then, position the caster wheels on it and fix them with screws.

Step 8:

Check the video tutorial, we hope will motivate you to "do it yourself". Have fun!

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    3 years ago

    Really cool idea! Congratulations on your first instructable! I hope you keep sharing future projects!