Pallet Bench




In this instructable, I will show you how to make your own bench out of a pallet.

Tools required:

1. Sawzall or hand saw

2. Drill

3. Box of Screws (DeckMate #8 1-5/8 inch Star-Head Deck Screws) $10 per box of 175

4. 120 grit Sandpaper $5 per pack of 5

5. Choice of paint or stain

Step 1: Cutting the Pallet

The first step in building the pallet bench is to take your pallet and cut along the middle support beam to make one solid piece. This will be the bench part of the seat. Next, with the leftover portion cut the pallet in half along the boards to make the legs of the bench.

Step 2: Building the Seat

In this step, You will attach the legs to the seat portion of the pallet. To do this, you will need to add a piece of board on either side of the bench section you cut and screw them into the seat side. Then, you will screw the side legs onto either side of the seat section to make your bench. You will want to measure the lengths of the legs on either side to make sure that the seat is equal distance from each to make a nice level seating surface. Two screws per board are recommended for maximum security.

Step 3: Adding the Back

Another pallet can be added to the rear of your bench if you prefer to have one. To add this piece, first add boards that run along the legs to secure your pallet too. (left side of bench) This will give you plenty of spots to secure your pallet to the bench to make it as secure as possible. It also doubles as a nice decorative piece to give your pallet that more finished look.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Now that your pallet is finished it is time to enjoy the fruits of your label. Kick back and relax and enjoy what you have made from a pallet. (Pat on the back recommended!)

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6 Discussions


Question 2 months ago on Introduction

Where did you get the pallets used in the project? I am doing a school project an need to know where to buy them.


3 years ago on Introduction

I am making it as we speak for my school's garden and wondered if it needs any bolts to make it even more secure?? Thank you for any feedback!


3 years ago

Cushions and a campfire would be perfect.


3 years ago on Introduction

This is awesome! I'm always intreagued by what can be made from pallets!