Pallet Bench With Shoe Rack

How to make an attractive bench with storage cubicles using pallets.

Step 1: Obtain Pallets

Obtain 3 pallets in good condition.

Step 2: Cut Pallets

Cut two pallets into equal halves using a skil saw.

Step 3: Pry Apart

With one of the pallets that was cut in half pry the back boards off. The third remaining pallet, completely disassemble this pallet, this is going to become the back rest.

Step 4: Sand and Paint

Sand all sides of the pallets to remove any rough patches, splinters and little pieces that would cause snags. Then paint.

Step 5: Make the Base

Stack the two halves that still have the backing pieces, this becomes the bottom most portion of the base. On top of that place one of the halves without the backing upside down, place the other half on top to create a larger space. The base will be secured once the back rest is added.

Step 6: Making the Back Rest

Using the spines of the pallets, attach two 2x4 pieces that measure 2" long. These will are how your going to attach your back boards to. Decide on a spacing that works for you; we went with 2" space.

Screws: 4 - 2" deck screws per spine piece.

Step 7: Attach Back Rest

Cut 6" of the bottom of each spine at a 45 degree angle. Slide the backrest over the sides of the base and offset the bottom of the spine 3 inches from the front of the base. Pre-drill holes along each spine into each of the stacked pallet halves. Using 2.5" deck screws, attach the spines to the base pallets. This will secure the entire bench.



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    2 years ago

    Nice looking bench. This looks like a great little pallet project. Good work! : )