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we wanted some benches for the dining room, so naturally I decided to make some out of some pallets, found one in the garden and a few measurements later figured I would be able to get exactly two benches out of it with no leftovers. The completed benches were finished with a good sanding and some tung oil.

One piece of wood was damaged whilst dismantling the pallet, this meant I had to use one piece of scrap wood about 30cm long.

I'm thinking of bracing the legs on each bench as my 5 year old has a habit of rocking the seat!



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Good morning!! Love your benches!! I am in the process of opening a dance studio and want to have benches such as these for the students to sit on. Can I get more detailed instructions on how to build them? I am a beginner and need as much help as I can get.
Thank you!! Please email me at

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instructions are in the pipeline, it may take a while as all the photo's I have are already here

instructions are in the pipeline, it may take a while as all the photo's I have are already here

What do you mean you're struggling? You have it.
"Techno Hippie". I can't imagine a better label. It embodies all you have described, and adeptly creates a new venacular.
Websters....get it in there. And this guy penned it.

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Wow these look great. If you decide to brace them, I would love to see your whole process as a step-by-step instructable.

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I think the trick with this is finding the right pallet! I haven't seen many like this one. also the tung oil produces a great finish.