Pallet Bin for Potatos and Onions



Introduction: Pallet Bin for Potatos and Onions

1 Pallet Taders & Onions Bin- Rustic country look of natural wood and chicken wire.

Step 1: Use 1/2 Inch Screws to Assemble Six 14" Pallet Boards Into an Open Box Shaped Bin. Add 2 Support Boards to the Underside of the Bin. Cover the Bins Top With 16 Inches of Chicken Wire and Staple It to the Top Front, Back, and Center Support Board.

Step 2: Assemble the Potato Bin.

Use five 14" boards to begin your potato bin. Assemble 14" pallet boards into an open box shape using 1/2" screws. Attach one 14" board as a center support. Staple 15 inches of chicken wire inside your potato bin.

Step 3: Height for the Bin.

Cut four 24" pallet boards. Attach a board for the bin's height to the onion bin at the top of the board and the potato bin at the bottom of the board with the open part of the bin facing up. Repeat this for each of the bin ' s four corners.

Step 4: Attach Wire to 3 Sides.

Staple chicken wire along the height of the bin on the sides and the back. Fold under sharp edges and staple it at each sharp pointed area then staple the chicken wire onto the front right hight support board and repeat this step when you reach the front left height support board. Pull wire tight and staple at back corners. Do not cover the front of the bin with chicken wire.

Step 5: Potato Bin Front

Add one 14" pallet board to the front of your potato bin and attach it with 1/2 inch screws. (Optional write a label for your potato bin.)

Step 6: (Optional Lables the Onion Bin.)

(Option lables onion bin.)

Step 7: Your Ready to Add You Potatos and Onions.

Add your potatos and onions you have just created your own bin. Congrats!

Step 8: Materials List

I used 2-3 screws on each end of the pallet boards for stability. You could use brackets if you choose. Power tools make this a quick project if you have them. However a basic saw, screw driver, and needle nosed plyers or wire cutters are able to get the job done as well. This is a super cheap and easy project that can be changed to suit you style and needs. Enjoy!

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